of your electricity, heating or cooling costs?

Yes, with an eco-friendly and patented technology and without investment.

Welcome to Blue Boson.

About us

Blue Boson SE.

We are a Slovak company based in Bratislava. Our patented method and devices are delivering a double-digit reduction of your electricity, heating and cooling costs through the treatment of water, steam and any other liquid or gaseous media.

Corporate values.

The ingredients of our authentic corporate culture include fairness, safety, integrity, responsibility, passion, humility, respect and professionalism. Our values are built into our DNA. They speak about who we are and guide us in our partnerships and actions.

Towards a green future.

The climate change caused by human activity may have disastrous consequences for the lives of all. Energy is the backbone of the global economy. Fuels and energy are consumed in the generation of electricity, heat and cooling, as well as in industrial production processes. The manner in which energy is generated and put to use has a profound impact on the quality of the environment, and on the health and safety of the population.

Increased energy efficiency is one of the methods that can be deployed swiftly and across the board to make sure that we live in a world which brings benefits to our health and cares about the next generations.

Intelligent approach to business.

Now is the time to add a new green dimension to your current business endeavours. Reducing emissions to air and water, lower fuel consumption, less greenhouse gases and fewer chemical substances – all this is part of an intelligent business approach.


Increasing the efficiency and performance of heating or cooling systems


Reducing the vaporisation heat


Reducing energy consumption in electric motors


Permanent removal of existing incrustation


Reducing greenhouse gases



Shipbuilding and Machinery

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